Looking for a job as a foreign student. published by Stephen Krans

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“Strive for progress, not perfection.”be a student in a foreign land is not that easy because of the great struggle of loneliness and backlash. You will have to struggle to adjust to the foreign language and their lifestyles. Their culture might be so different from yours. You have to overcome discrimination floating in the air. If you are sociable enough, you can overcome this but if you’re not, you just want to give up. No matter what happens, giving up is not the solution to the hardships. To be relieved, as a foreign student should have at least a local friend who can stand for you, help you and guide you sometimes. You can not avoid being bullied also and you have to overcome them all. If you happen to go to a country where there are high racism and discrimination, you will suffer tremendous loneliness and heartbreaks. Everything is not easy living with people too much different if you are not sociable.I got this recommended cleaning company service. And all I can say is perfect, check their services here https://recruitastudent.nl/studenten-uitzendbureau/leeuwarden/ . Through my years of study at NHLStenden University Leeuwarden The Netherlands. I don’t have the opportunity of getting a side job while study until after I get my degree maybe, because I don’t get the right information about getting job or I’m not socialize enough. Anyway, this is great to earn little while study. This is one of the greatest company that provides good and clean home jobs (https://recruitastudent.nl/studenten-uitzendbureau/leeuwarden/ ).

If you are looking for any assistant as a new student such as getting a room, self-contain(Studio room), register at state house (gemeente https://www.leeuwarden.nl/nl/verhuizen/burgerservicenummer ), getting a job https://recruitastudent.nl/studenten-uitzendbureau/leeuwarden/ they have jobs in cleaning, transport, hospitality, moving, production and much more. they offer jobs on every day of the week and at every moment of the day. Whether you are experienced or not, you are welcome to explore the possibilities with the company. Based on your own availability and their flexible hours you can work whenever it suits you best.

  • You are a student in Leeuwarden or its direct surroundings;
  • You are reliable and motivated to work;
  • You want to make some extra money;
  • You have a drivers license (pre);

You want to make some new friends or other social contacts. Are you looking for a great side-job and are you a student? Sign up or send me  an e-mail or WhatsApp me +31687960705 to explore the possibilities.


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